Sofra group gives service under the standards of Eurest which is specialized on the quality in public food services.

As sofra group we are proud of giving service to 40.000 students in 90 private schools in 17 different states.

The Sofra Group’s menu is prepared by the specialists on balanced diet according to the students’ age group .This menu is decided and approved collectively between the institutions.

Sofra group moves according to the standards below:

The raw materials supplied from the distinguished firms and they are controlled regularly.Menu is designed and decided by specialized dieticians and food engineers according to the daily calorie needs and healthy eating.They are also according to the taste of children and the harmony of the colors is very satisfying.

Solid fats that has negative effects are never used in our meals. In spite of these,plant derived oils sunflower,olive,corn oils,and soybean and canola oil which is rich in Omega. Margarine is only used in pastries.

We generally use roasted,grilled and boiled meals in spite of fried meals.

The usage of canned meals are limited. All kinds of sweeteners,food coloring and bouillons are prohibited.

The production of some risky foods in some periods like the temperature is hot (May-November) is definitely prohibited.

The process, in line with the neccesities of quality standards,the presentation,and keeping the samples afterwards is linked to the certain rules.

The kitchen and staff are inspected hygienically by the internal and external auditors. And they are also ready for the inspection from the administors of the school. The cleaners are used in the cleaning and disinfection are chosen from the well recognized companies around the World.

Sofra Group gives an undertaking to Turkish food legislation the foods and the presentation.The firm also guarantees not to disrupt the food services arising from the staff.It also guarantees demands of consumption of in the damages acquired from the service.The limit of the policy is 1.000.000 GP.