Our History

Our History

TAN SCHOOLS were established in 1973 for preparing our students to life’ challenges, expanding their horizon and staying connected to his homeland and its people. It has its name from the first letters of Experience, Research and Result and it prepares our students to the future since 1973.

In this school we grow generations protect Atatürk’s Principles and revolutions. Today, we prepared our students in our school for the future who has got education in our classrooms since 1973.

At the beginning of 1997-1998 academic year we started our education by taking over the Baran Collage. Tan Schools were founded to take its place amoung the best schools in Turkey and consist of 2 schools that are followed the programmes of Primary School and Anatolian High School. Şükrü Akyollu is the general manager and the representative of the founding, and Osman Doğdu is the assistant of the general manager.

The other founders are the retired teachers which are Ergin Kayan, Mehmet Fehmi Özuslu, İsmet Ayhan, Öztürk Aydın and Mehmet Nuri Özhan.

 Our schools have been carrying on education activities in the new campus on Mudanya Road since 2002-2003. It has had Anatolian High School program since it was established and Science High School program was incorporated into this in 2004-2005.In anatolian high school program,we have taught prep class+4 years since high school teaching duration was enacted for 4 years. Since 2005-2006 education year,students have been accepted to Private Tan Schools according to placement test results.

Private Tan Schools,taking cognizance of works that support educational activities,has had ISO 9001-2000 certification since 13.04.2005 at the end of total quality studies that were started in 2003-2004 educational year.Also, it was granted the Eco Schools certificate and flag as a result of successful educational studies about the environment in 2005-2006.Besides, it was granted the ‘’ White Dish’’ and ‘’ White Flag ‘’ awards in 16.06.2006 in accordance to the supervisions that were made by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Bursa directorate on framework of the law 5179.

It has been a sister company of Tan Private Teaching Institutions since 1973.Tan Schools,which has enhanced its success by working in cooperation with the private teaching institution,has been one of the most reputable and favourite educational institutions as it has always supported education with scientific-social and cultural activities.

Today, Tan Schools has been forging ahead its goal with its staff ,who is dynamic,professional, intellectual and making Atatürk’s principles and reforms as a rule , with its accomplishment in entering exams to university and high school and city-wide common exams .