Vision & Our Mission

Our Vision

to be one of the most successful schools in turkey.

Our Mission

We are here to educate students sharing, which can be a good human relations, at peace with itself and the environment, global, cultural, moral and national values, awareness, research, questioning, self-sufficient, creative, multi-faceted success, target, you can speak at least one foreign language, basic taken a second language.

Our Principles

In line of the main objectives and principles of the Turkish national education, our school,

Atatürk's principles and revolutions, the nationalism of Atatürk fully adopting educational approach is implemented.

In all studies science is to guide us. Technological developments are closely monitored. Students are taught the principles of scientific study in a good way.

Considering equality of opportunity in education, achievements are rewarded, supported the students that have academic and social difficulty.

Training and continuing education in every moment of life is not limited to school,a process that is constantly evolving and may be modified is considered to be .