From our Principle

Tan Primary School encompasses both primary and secondary departments which is designed to foster the development of the whole child, according to the needs and our expectations in academic,social,physical,emotional and cultural areas.The focus in the curriculum supported with the 4+4+4 system helps children to become enquirers who are enthusiastic about discovering knowledge on their own and finding out how the world works. By taking students from the Kindergarten our approach is to grow individuals who have universal,national and moral values,following the principles and revolutions of Atatürk. We aim to provide learning in an inquiry-based, transdiciplinary, inqusitive and responsable way where students can also develop positive knowledge,skills and attitudes.

Besides our main foreign language (English) we also provide German and French as elective courses. Through this way we offer our children global understanding and appreciation of other languages and people.

As Tan Primary we are Oxford Quality School and TOEFL Junior Test Center.

We reach our target by being in cooperation with the sincere interest of the parents,students and our academic staff.

We are breeding success with love.


Principle of Tan Primary School