General Manager

Dear parents and students,

TAN Education Institutions which will celebrate anniversary of 40. Years are shown one of the basic education system of Bursa. The management of TAN SCHOOLS shares this experiences with their students and parents. TAN family has got a warm, caring and trustful relations in each other, because Tan Schools believe that there shouldn’t be disconnection between the student, school and the parents.

We accept the loved based discipline and tolerance as the condition of education. But; we believe that the line seperates love from an indulge and tolerance from indisipline is the real skill.It’s like separating the real beauty from its differences in the details.

You are going to see all the equipment and facilities in TAN SCHOOLS , that have to be in all education institutions, from science to sports, from preparations for entrance exams to social activities.

Thanks for your interest, I wish success and happiness.

Yours sincerely.