Psychological Counselling and Guidance Unit

This department guides students to get to know themselves and the environment around them, discover their personal abilities and develop them and work out their academic problems. It also provides psychological counselling that guides them in the educational and professional fields. Psychological counselling guides students to work out puberty and emotional problems that they face. However, the student is free to choose how to do it. In this process, the student is monitored. Psychological counselling is performed in two ways; individual and group. This unit serves in accordance with psychological counselling and guidance that:

• It respects individual differences

• It must be confidential

• It is a service that is accessible to all students

• The counsellor teacher and the class teacher interoperate in counselling students

• Tests that are done are assesses according to their purpose

 General process in every class level continues in three different dimensions of guidance. These are personal-social, educational and professional guidance.