Teaching English in Kindergarten

Our Goals

Our primary goal while teaching English in kindergarden is to have our children find out that there are other languages except their native language.Our lessons are performed as actively as possible and students have lots of fun.To support this,many technologicaldevices such as interactive CDs,smart boards,songs and chants,visuals and games are used in classrooms.One of our primary goals is to have students develop a positive manner towards English and share what they learn with their families.Also,we communicate with our children individually and have them participate in the lesson,so have our lessons taught as learner-centered.

English language taught in kindergarden includes the very basic subjects as colours,numbers,toys,food,parts of the body ,transportation,weather forecast,and clothes.Also,basic structures that are useful what they learn are taught:

  • to tell what they have got or not,
  • to tell what they can do or not,
  • to tell what they like or not,

So not only they learn vocabulary but also many useful sentence structures.The very point in these activities is to present English in students’ level.