We teach students at the age of 5 and 6 in Tan College. The kindergarden building is one of the other buildings in our campus. There are 3 classrooms in this building ; 1 of them is for 5 year-old students and 2 of them ar efor 6 year-old students.There is a dining hall, a wide multi-purpose winter garden, a wide grass area that only kindergarden students can use and a playground.

Three courses of food are offered at the kindergarten including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. After the menus are prepared by our nutrition engineer, they are checked by our school doctor and administrators. Once they are approved, they are then published on our school webpage.

In order to provide a safe transportation for our students to and from our school, we are very particular about our bus services as well. The safety of our students is supported by teachers on the buses, long-serving bus company, and experienced drivers.

Health support is provided by a full time nurse and a doctor who is in the school three days a week.

We build our students’ educational foundations with 11 different subjects besides the lessons and activities our pre-school teachers present.

Our school aims for students who view the future with confidence and be able to adapt to the changing world. In that respect, our primary goal is to help students gain different experiences through social activities, support their development, and help students grow up to be self-confident, imaginative, creative, responsible, sensitive, and most importantly, in line with Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

Dear parents, we greaten our success with love and wish for you to share this experience with us hence, waiting for your visit.